Here's To Hoping

by Young Cardinals

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Three tracks for every mood and season


released January 4, 2015

Credit to Rhys Zacher at Spinlight Studios



all rights reserved


Young Cardinals Newcastle, Australia

Formed in 2014, blending pop-punk and alternate rock
Hayden - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan - Guitar
Rhys - Bass, Vocals
Kurt - Drums

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Track Name: Sleepless Nights
Keep floating above this water and sink or swim until you find an answer running around in the back of your mind. A place where things can die without a life and avoid the tradgedy. The hope, the dreams and everything is sinking under the water.

The nightmare starts when you're awake
And you find yourself to blame
And now you feel like you could drown
Well don't look down

Feel the pressure building up, the answers simple- stop thinking about the things that haven't happened yet and what comes next is out of reach. So hold your breathe and just go for the ride. This is the time we go together and we make it out alive.

It's help for the hopeless
And hope for the helpless
Track Name: Nice Guys (Don't) Finish Last
Picture perfect seems like something to work for, something that's earnt or something to figure out and I've been thinking and you're taking advantage of everything that I've handed you and I've been trying for way too long
I guess I know where I stand

Is it just my luck, or do I think too much.
You keep holding off and it won't ever stop
and I'll keep running the race,
it's not what they say.
There's no such thing as a bad try.

Getting back to the point that you've been missing, there's no time for reminiscing (and I'm saying that) you're not right and I'm not wrong. You're mixing questions with the answers, I'm not getting what I want. So you make the choice and hope it's the right one, take your time and live with the outcome.
Now I guess I know where I stand

Nice try bad guys, better luck next time
It gets the best of me
Track Name: Common Sense Ain't Common
This is the year that we'll give our best impressions on the life we left behind for our good times. With the memories we start to find that we live for two days and die for five and we're sleeping in just to survive the night before, the night that was and we were making sure that we do it all again.

Take me back where I belong, I've got the feeling that there's something great at the end of this. And it's the summer of love with the nights we won't remember and the nights that we won't forget

And we're killing time with our bare hands and mixing drinks without a care of consequences, decisions made and memories that start to fade. With every hour getting close to the morning and it shows the party scene still burns alive, drawing on into the night